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Stealth Coating Application Directions

When applying Stealth Epoxy Coating to any porous surface such as wood, we recommend sealing the entire surface with a very thin layer of Stealth Epoxy Coating. Sealing the surface ensures there is less chance of any trapped air bubbles.

When applying this first layer, we recommend using a Bondo spreader as this maintains the minimum amount of epoxy used on the seal coat.
Too much epoxy used in this step can lead to trapped air bubbles and cloudiness. Once the seal coat is applied, use a propane torch or a heat gun in a smooth, sweeping pattern to remove any remaining air. We recommend waiting 6hrs before applying your next coat.

Flood Coat

Now you are ready for the first flood coat.

For all flood coats, we recommend using 3 ounces per sq ft. Some projects may only require a single flood coat after the seal coat, while others may need a second flood coat, depending on the type of surface and the overall thickness desired.

We recommend using a 1/8” X 1/8” X1/8″ notch trowel. This will spread the right amount of Stealth Epoxy Coating over the surface of your project. You’ll want to use a bristle brush to chop out the trowel lines, this also helps mix any unmixed epoxy as well as relieve any surface tension. You can use your gloved hands, brush or foam roller for edges. Once the Stealth Epoxy Coating has been applied evenly to the surface and edges, we recommend using a torch or heat gun to remove any remaining air bubbles. Repeat if the second coat is needed. watch *video

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