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Stealth Veils ~ Manufacturer Veil Application procedures

We’ve tested numerous Polyester Clear Gelcoats and Resins from all of the major manufacturers in the industry, and we’ve come to the conclusion they all work well with our Stealth Veils.  For Exterior applications be sure your clear gelcoat has good UV protection.
For an in mold application follow these steps for best results. For best results, be sure your mold surface is in great shape, IE, no mold marks, scratches, or orange peel.
Step 1.  Apply 20 mils of a high quality Clear gel coat with good UV protection, like a marine grade gelcoat, like Inter Plastic, Ineos, Polynt, HK, & Duratec all work great.
Step 2.  Once this 1st layer has come to a cured tacked, where it just leaves your finger print.  Its time to spray your second layer of Gelcoat.  You’ll spray another 15 to 20 mils of Clear gelcoat. Once it’s been sprayed you’ll now apply your Stealth Veil face down with the image towards the surface of the mold.  The fabric should immediately start to wet and and become fully saturated.  
Step 3.  Now that the veil is fully wet out, its time to roll it out using a fine detail roller, **See picture to the right. Some customers have found that rubber or silicone squeegees work well to remove the air as well  Be sure to take your time and make sure all trapped air has been removed from under the veil, once done let cure.  *See Video below.
Step 4.  Now its time to move forward with your lamination.  You’ll want to pigment your lamination resin (White) or (Light Beige) if you want your veil to stay the same color before being applied.  For those wanting to manipulate the color simple pigment the resin the color you’d like to change the veil to.  Example if you’d like to change a wood grain to look more red, simple pigment your resin red. 
 **We’ve found that a lower viscosity gelcoat helps wet out the veil easier on your 2nd layer of clear.  This also helps not trapping as much air under the veil that needs to be rolled out.
** Be aware of your working time. We recommend using United Initiators MEKP 925H for their catalyst in the Gel Coats to ensure the longest gel time possible while rolling out the veil. It is imperative during this time to remove any trapped air under the veil.

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OPEN AND CLOSE MOLDING. The video below shows the step for step procedures for applying our Stealth Veils in post application for our DIY customers.

PULTRUSION PROCESS.  Our veils have been used in the pultrusion process for well over a decade.  Pultrusion manufactures need to add UV inhibitors to their resin.  *Some pultrusion resins turn the veil green within days even after adding UV inhibitors.   Reach out to your Composites One reps or our technical team at Stealth Veils to point you in the right direction. The video below show Stealth Veils being used in the Pultrusion process.  

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