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Consumer & Contractor Veil Products

You’ll see possibilities everywhere!

Welcome to Stealth Veils

The worlds #1 choice when it comes to printed fabrics for use in Epoxy applications and products.

Refurbishing your old countertops or creating your first River table is just the beginning.   Your possibilities are limitless when it comes to using Stealth Veils and Stealth Coatings products.  We work very hard to separate ourselves from the competition.  We accomplish this by having superior customer service, always striving for the highest quality standards, and unparalleled technical expertise in the market place, also by offering a broad array of hi quality products for customers to choose from.

Stealth Veils printed fabrics have been specifically developed for use in epoxy and other composite applications. 

We have a great in stock selection of:

We are a licensed supplier of Real Tree camouflage patterns!

Stealth Veils specializes in CUSTOM PRINTING; If you can’t find the print in stock on our site you can always have us custom print it.   Just send us your art files and we’ll print it on our Stealth Veil for use in your product.  To get some idea’s try using a site like Shutter Stock they have hundreds of millions of images and prints to choose from.  Choose which image or images you desire, purchase the package that fits your needs, and email us the image download to  There is more info on our Customer Printing page

Stealth Veils fabrics and are 100% compatible with all Epoxy resins, but our Stealth Epoxy Coating has been specially formulated for use with our Stealth Veils.  As you’ll see while visiting our site, we offer a complete package of products that allows the DIY customer and contractors to create a new breed of products beyond your imaginations.  Once you’ve used our Stealth Veils and Stealth Coatings:


Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build creative products!

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