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Stealth Veils are manufactured using only the highest quality standards.


Stealth Veils ~ F. A. Q.

Stealth Veils are manufactured using only the highest quality standards. We offer an unparalleled selection of unique, high definition patterns. You won’t find a greater selection anywhere else.
Most frequent questions and answers

Yes all our printed veils are 100% compatible will all Polyester and Epoxy Resins.

Our printed Stealth Veils only have about 1000hrs of UV stabilization, we recommend using a UV protective coating like a Polyester Gel Coat.  All our Stealth High Tech Coatings have superior UV protection. 

Stealth Veils has been specially fabricated to work in most if not all thermoset & thermoplastic processes and applications.   Stealth Veils Non-woven weave gives it the perfect stretch for going around corners.   It also has perfect opacity allowing for crisped 3D images to be printed on it without the worry of ink bleed out when coming in contact with resins or hardeners.

Absolutely!  Stealth Veils is just providing the image or artwork to your project or product.  Remember all Epoxies will amber and turn yellow when exposed to UV, even light that comes in through windows.  Its always best to used a high UV protective polymer coating to protect your work.  

Yes you can, numerous Epoxy brands have been tested and work perfectly with our Stealth Veils.  

Our Stealth Veils have the highest resolution available on the market today.  Our printing machines are state of the art, and regardless is you order our standard in stock printed veils or have a custom design printed you can rest assure the quality will be of a very high standard.

No problem at all!  We sell large and very large quantities to manufacturers all the time.  Give us a call and talk to one of our CSR’s to discuss price breaks on large quantities. 

Yes, we do sell to wholesalers, and distributors in the U.S and in several locations around the globe.  If your interested in becoming a wholesaler just give one of our CSR’s a call to discuss the process. 

If you have large wrinkles or hard creases in the Stealth Veil many times you can stretch the veil to remove them when applying to your project.  You can always use a Iron to remove them as well.

While applying the Stealth Veil, try to keep it taunt.   Using 2 people when applying.  Once the veil is laid down on the part use your hands to press down and rub the veil looking for any creases, wrinkles, or large air bubbles that need to be worked out.  Work any wrinkles or air bubbles to the edges  using a detail roller, once the flat surface in complete, pull down on the veil hanging over the edge and stick the veil to the edge of the part removing any wrinkles or air at this time.

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