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1.5 Gallon Casting Epoxy Kit- 1.5 hr gel time 2 to 1


Our 2 to 1 Stealth Epoxy Coating is our Casting Epoxy coating.  Perfect for applications where there is a need for thicker pours up to 1.5” at a time.  Our casting epoxy is used in an assortment of applications and or products, examples are including river tables, floors, artisan pours, tooling in many industries.   It is also used in many applications where a longer gel time is desired, our casting epoxy has a 1.3 hr gel time.   It has also been formulated to work perfectly with all our printed fabrics.   Having a lower viscosity meaning a * thinner material you’ll use less of it on the 1st saturation coat.

Epoxy Size: 1.5 Gallon Kit

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Our 2 to 1 Casting Epoxy Coating is a lower viscosity Epoxy which works great in casting applications up to 1.5” pours. With longer open gel times means you have longer to work with the product as well as the product does a better job of removing air than higher viscosity resins.  Like all our Epoxies they are NO VOC’s, non-Hazardous materials, Clear See-Through Encapsulations, Artwork, and other applications

  • Self-Leveling and High Gloss U.V. Resistant Formula
  • Produces a Tough, High Gloss, Water Resistant Coating
  • Eliminates Craters, Crawling and Fish eyes
  • Blush Resistant
Weight 192 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 12 in
Epoxy Sizes

1.5 Gallon


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