2 Gallon 100% PURE Polyaspartic Coating


PRODUCT DETAILS:  Our Stealth 100% PURE Polyaspartic is a DIY friendly Low ZERO VOC’s, 1 to 1 mix, that is crystal clear.  Our 100% PURE Polyaspartic is a little thicker than our 72% therefore making it great for using it like epoxies.  Simply pour onto a flat surface or use a brush and roller for none flat surfaces.   All our Polyaspartic’s come in two different working/gel times, a 25 minute gel time and a 60 minute for those larger projects where more time is needed.  Our whole line of Stealth Polyaspartics are the King Supreme when it comes to UV protective coatings that thrive in any interior or exterior environments.  Finish Types:  Hi Gloss, Semi Gloss, Satin Finish, Matte Finish.

APPLICATION DIRECTIONS:  Our Pint Kits= 32 fluid ounces total/ 16 oz per A (Resin) and 16 oz per B (Hardener) multiple layers can be applied for extra protection and depth.   Just 2.6 oz per sq ft will cover 42 sq ft.  Compare this to a 2 gallon Epoxy Kit which uses 3 oz per sq ft X 2 flood coats covers 40 to 50 sq ft.   We recommended using 3 to 6 mills of our Polyaspartic over your project to give it 4 times the scratch, impact, abrasion, and chemical resistance, as well as superior UV protection

* Always wear the proper protective gear while applying any chemical coating or spray paints.  Gloves, Googles or Glasses and a respirator should be wore at all times.   Application should be done in well ventilated areas.  Consult the SDS/Safety Data Sheet for further information.

  • Hi Gloss
  • 25 Minutes
  • 60 Minutes

Stealth Polyaspartic Coating is one of the most advanced coating technologies on the planet.  Our polyaspartic Coatings are DYI friendly with 1 to 1 mixtures, and ZERO VOC’s.   These coatings have superior UV properties unmatched by other coating on the market. They have 4 times the abrasion, scratch & impact resistance of epoxies, and unlike epoxies and urethane’s our Stealth Polyaspartic will cure at the extremely Low-temperatures of (-30F/).  They also meet USDA regulations as well as FDA/CFSAN, U.S. Food Code.  Just by applying 3 to 6 mils of our polyaspartic coating over your outdoor DYI products will render them virtually indestructible to weathering and UV degradation.  Our polyaspartic coating also have a 400% elongation vs epoxies 2 to 4%.  This is important when outdoor temperatures fluctuate throughout the seasons, causing your outdoor project surface, such as a patio table or garage floor to contract and expand.   Our polyaspartic coating will move with it and not pop or delaminate.  As with all chemical coatings or spray paints the applicator should always work in a well ventilated area, and always wear protective gloves, glasses or googles and a respirator.  Consult your SDS/Safety Data Sheet for further information.

Weight 256 oz
Dimensions 7 × 9 × 11 in
Polyaspartic Finish Type

Hi Gloss, Semi Gloss, Satin, Matte

Working Times

25 Minutes, 60 Minutes


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