SAVE 10 % Custom Printed Veil & Epoxy Kits


*WHAT ARE STEALTH VEILS?  Stealth Veils are a 100% Non Woven light weight polyester veil that has been designed to be used with Epoxies, polyester resins, polyaspartics.  

Printed Veil by the Yard

Get 10% off your Stealth Veil and Stealth Epoxy Coatings kit when you bundle your order and get our veil roller, resin spreader, thrown in for free.  A fantastic value saving you $21.95 on 1 gallon Epoxy and Veil kits and $32.95 on 2 gallon Epoxy and Veil kits.

Our Printed Stealth Veils are all 60” wide, each yard is 3 ft long, there are 15 sq ft per lineal yard.

Custom Print your own veil by uploading a high resolution image.

Simply upload your large resolution image file and we will print it to veil and deliver it with the rest of your kit. Please call us for questions about image size and resolution.

*For larger kits please give us a call!
*It’s important to us that your custom printed fabric design not only meet’s but exceeds your expectations.   We want to be certain you love your custom printed design, so we need to ensure you understand the process.  Below is some important information as well as the detailed steps needed for setting up your custom printed image on our Stealth Veil. Please see our full description for further details.
  • 1 Gallon Kit
  • 2 Gallon Kit

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Custom Printed Veil by the Yard

Custom Print your own pattern on our Non Woven polyester Veil by uploading a high resolution image from Shutterstock, adobe image, google image or a high resolution picture from your phone.


Custom Ordering Info:

*Image resolution:  The higher the dpi the crisper your image will be.
Max 300dpi
Min 150 dpi

*File types accepted
jpg  png  pdf eps ai tiff

*Important Tips:

  • Your downloaded image must not exceed our fabrics width of 60” inches, there is no limitation in length.
  • A downloaded image from a site like Shutterstock or Adobe Images will have a file size associated with them. For example, the Dragons Eye in our example below, file size is 16.7” X 11.7” at 300dpi (dots per inch).  What this means is that the image is at its maximum clarity when viewed or printed at this file size.    Images can be enlarged but with some lose of clarity.  *You want your file size as close to your project size as possible.
  • Photos taken from your cell phone can be used as long as they have a dpi of 150 to 300 dpi. This higher dpi (Dots per inch) the crisper the image.

*Step by Step directions for Custom Printing your image:


  • Next, Upload your image to our site:
  • Now input the length and width of your image specifications.


  • The picture below shows 3 different sizes the dragon eye image was printed in.  You’ll also notice that your image can be reversed printed



Option 1: Centered Image:

Your uploaded design will be printed once in the center of your fabric order.   The blue perimeter line around the dragon eye image is an example of 1 lineal yard 60” wide X 36” high with the dragon eye printed in the center at 42” wide X 28” leaving a plain white fabric boarder around the image.   


Option 2: Standard Repeat:

A $30.00 set up fee will be required for Standard Repeat patterns.   Determine the size of your image and spacing between each image including the edge of the fabric.


  • Designs should be supplied in the size and colors you want printed.
  • Our design team will not alter or resize your design in any way, unless you specifically request a helping hand from us. A design fee of $30 will be required for your order for set-up assistance.
  • Before we manufacture your fabric, one of our studio designers will e-mail you a proof of your fabric for your approval. We will not manufacture your order until you’ve given us the green light.


There are no returns on custom orders. Exceptions due to manufacturer defects reported within 7 days of receiving the order. Slight color variations are not considered manufacturing defects.  Please contact us if you have questions.

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 10 × 14 × 2 in
Epoxy Coating Kit Size

1 Gallon Kit, 2 Gallon Kit


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