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Stealth Veils are manufactured using only the highest quality standards.

Veil Applications

Stealth Veils ~ Manufacturer Veil Applications

Stealth Veils are manufactured using only the highest quality standards. We offer an unparalleled selection of unique, high definition patterns. You won’t find a greater selection anywhere else.

Customers trust Stealth Veils when looking to add impact and flare to their current products and set themselves apart in a sea of competition.  The realistic quality of our patterns makes them ideal for all applications and finished products throughout the composite industry.  Our veils perfectly maintain their original clarity during processing and are not subject to distortion or bleed out.

Pultruders, compression molders, open and closed molders alike can elevate their products far above their competitors using our printed Stealth Veils.   Stealth Veils not only adds an incredible aesthetic value to your products, they also provide excellent print blocking properties, eliminating much of the rework traditionally needed to repair the fiber print.

Exciting new markets and trends are emerging rapidly, revolutionizing an industry traditionally devoid of major product innovation. Customers demand fresh, new ideas and offerings.  Let us help ensure your company is at the forefront of this emerging market.

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