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Open & Closed Mold Processes: IN MOLD APPLICATION

Tips & Techniques

Play with different backing colors to change color tones and appearance of the veil.

Apply one layer of clear gel coat to a properly prepared mold surface.  We recommend using Norox Mekp 925H in gelcoats, it has the lowest hydrogen peroxide lowering the chances of porosity.   The thickness of the gel coat should be approximately 20 mils. Once the gel coat becomes tacky to the touch, spray an additional 15 mils of a low viscosity clear gel coat or clear resin and immediately apply the Stealth Veil.  Once the veil has been applied face down into the wet getcoat or resin it’s now ready to use the Phenolic roller.    Use the Phenolic roller to help ensure the veil is completely saturated by rolling over the backside of the veil pressing it down to the mold surface.  Now that the veil is completely wet out and all wrinkles have been eliminated now its time to use the rubber spreader to remove any trapped air under the veil.  *TIP:  Soak your rubber spreader in Acetone over night to soften it some which has proven helpful to manufacturers that struggle with removing small air bubbles.  Starting in the center of the part, apply pressure to the rubber spreader pressing it down on the backside of the veil dragging the spreader to the edge of the part to remove any trapped air. 

Now that the veil is applied face down in the mold and has been completely wet out its time to let this layer of clear gelcoat or clear resin start to harden.  *We recommend using Norox 750 or 757 in all lamination which will greatly reduce the exothermic reaction therefore reducing shrink and post cure issues.  Now your veil is sandwiched between two layers of clear coat your ready to apply to apply the fiberglass.  All ambient temperature processes apply here, open or close molding.

This video will show you step for step how you can manipulate the color of your printed Stealth Veil.  

*NOTE Pigmenting your resin to white or light beige will help maintain the exact color of your printed pattern. Play with different backing colors to change color tones and appearance of the veil.

This video will show you step for step how to apply our Stealth Veil, using a clear marine grade gelcoat, a vinyl ester resin and all the tools and supplies needed for the roll out process.  

Stealth Veil is very responsive and has a high degree of elasticity that conforms to most shapes. You can be aggressive with Stealth Veils without worrying about pattern bleed or tearing like other veils. In cases where the mold has difficult shapes or radii, slits or darts may be used.

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